Q: How do I clean the cotton?

A: Very carefully as any material especially cotton it will change color if soiled. I recommend using soft detergent and/or mild soap and carefully sponge and damp dry. Lie flat to dry. The suede cord is more forgiving and will hold up to a few cleans. DO NOT PUT IN WASHING MACHINE - EVER! 

Q: How does it stay put once I have the size I want on my waist wrap?

A: There is a bead that will allow you to adjust the size. Simply tie a knot once it has been adjusted if it does not stay put.


Q: What happens if my jewelry breaks? I loose a shell?

A: In good faith we will send you replacement beads or shells but this is only if you honestly did not get rough with the items. After that it's unfortunately not replaceable.


Q: How much do you donate with my purchase? 

A: Honestly it depends on the item. The more you order the more we donate. We start donations around 10% per item to give you an idea. However, say you order $100+ we will donate 25% and so on...