With passion for jewelry


Stella Young Founded StellaWear™ Style in 2011.

From an early age Stella's “never say never” attitude has always driven her toward success. With over 20 years of fitness, gymnastics and dance experience, being fit turned to winning the “USA”, 1996 Ms. Aerobic Fitness competition, being ranked #1 nationally (in the NPC aerobic fitness category), and achieving Pro Status. 

Driven To Succeed
She didn’t stop there. Her creativity and entrepreneurial spirit led her from fitness to fashion. Starting with a single piece of jewelry made by Stella for Stella, the story unfolded to creating pieces for a friend, then another and another.

Stella's personal style has always leaned towards Boho Chic, natural flowing apparel and simple beautiful earth tones. Using accents like tassels and fringe, braiding intricate leather cords. Using long suede cords with feathers and carved wooden or silver beads. Her main showpieces include her fascination with healing gemstones, the AGATE.

Soon she had more customers than she could believe. With a great eye for style and flair and a savvy business sense, StellaWear™ Style was born… a unique line of signature body wear and adjustable jewelry.


Stella is also extremely driven by her lifes experiences, at age 9 yrs old she her Mother Sandra Frankl lost her battle to breast cancer. She left behind her younger brother Alex who had just turned 4 yrs. 

She moved to the United States with her father.

Stella was raised by her wonderful father David Young and her beautiful Stepmother, Dawn who is now battling breast cancer as well.

Stella says, “I am blessed to have been raised with two of the most amazing wonderful people in my lifetime.”

Being a mother of two children on her own Stella knows the value of following your heart and standing up for what you believe.

In 2016 Stella's Step-Mother lost her battle to breast cancer and it sent Stella into protective mode... she herself went in for testing for the BRCA gene and found that she is indeed positive.

She has since received a double mastectomy.

If you know you could be susceptible get yourself tested and take drastic measures to ensure your life is lived to the fullest. Be prepared.


Find your purpose, never give up. Just get back up!
— Stella Young